about reservations

Dining Room

We offer reservations for 2-4 guests.


We offer reservations for 2-4 guests and seating is communal.  The patio has drop down walls, heaters and fans, however no AC. We seat the patio as an extension of our dining room. It sits in our backyard by our garden.


Our 8-seat bar features our full a la carte menu and is kept open for walk-ins on a first come, first served basis. It is common that we fully seat our bar immediately upon opening, at which time, we take your name and phone number to contact you when seating becomes available. We take our last seating 30 minutes prior to closing.

reservation release

We release reservations ONLINE ONLY on the second Friday of every month at 12pm for the next calendar month.

Upcoming reservation release dates:

Friday, 2/9/18 at 12pm EST for March
Friday, 3/9/18 at 12pm EST for April
Friday, 4/13/18 at 12pm EST for May
Friday, 5/11/18 at 12pm EST for June



2/18 - for downtime
3/1 -
for full restaurant buy-out
3/14 - for full restaurant buy-out

How to Make a Reservation

We offer reservations through a system called Tock. We strongly encourage creating an online profile in advance of our reservation release dates. You can do so here.

Don’t forget to refresh your browser once reservations go live! 

We also suggest determining if you would prefer a dining room or patio reservation prior to booking. Knowing your preference in advance can help expedite your booking process. Click here to get a feel for our reservation page.


Taking a deposit allows us to guarantee your reservation. By eliminating no-shows and requiring a pre-payment/deposit, we are able to create a predictable and steady flow of patrons allowing us to offer a great experience for you. Staplehouse exists to shed light on The Giving Kitchen and a cancellation or no-show day-of can disrupt our purpose and bottom line of our small business and our responsibility to The Giving Kitchen. We appreciate your understanding!

What is the deposit breakdown?

We take a total deposit of $24.36 per person to secure your reservation. $20 per person is applied to your bill. $4 is for gratuity for our staff and $0.36 is GA state mandated tax on that gratuity.



If you do not see an open booking, that does mean that we are fully committed with reservations, please feel free to add yourself to our online waitlist

How our waitlist works...

If reservations become available, as a result of cancellations or other movement within reservations, we notify our entire waitlist via email day-of.  We specify reservation availability for that day and open those reservations ONLINE ONLY approximately one hour from the time you receive our email.


For additional FAQ’s regarding Allergies / Dietary Restrictions, Cancellation Policy, Dress Code and more, please click here.