Sunday: 12-4p

Lunch on Sunday is a spin-off of our dinner menu with a Sunday afternoon playfulness. Reservations are encouraged. Walk-ins are always welcome at our 8-seat bar. Click here for reservation FAQ's.



SAMPLE MENU: 12 March 2017

chicken liver tart, burnt honey, blood orange, almond | 11

black bass, squash, corn nuts, SH fish sauce | 18

farro & rice, sunflower, mustard greens, yolk, dill | 14

little gem, meyer lemon, sake bushi, shallot | 16

rutabaga, carrot, aged beef fat, radish | 16

duck rillette, sweet potato, celery, pistachio | 18

trout, collards, sorrel, celeriac, cilantro | 22

pepperoni, turnips, watercress, burnt garlic | 22


To book a reservation for 2-8 guests, click button above. For reservations of 9+, please email